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3 Locations for Great Mexican Food and Best Margarita's in Town!
Family Owned and Operated since 1994
Family Owned and Operated since 1994
After working at other restaurants for a number of years brothers Francisco and Everardo Jasso were ready to
open their own restaurant. They decided to go with what they knew best,TexMex. 
After much deliberation and with the help of family and friends they decided on a name. 
"Jalapenos Mexican Grill" in McKinney, Texas was born.
Everardo worked in the kitchen creating delicious entrees and Francisco took care of everything else.
Working together the brothers have made it a family favorite for everyone since 1994.
With so much success in McKinney the family decided to open the second location.
Many of the Farmersville residents already frequented Jalapenos in McKinney and were happy to have a closer location. 
But wait, with so much success how could they stop at two locations. 
You can now enjoy the same great food at the new Van Alstyne location.
Jalapenos continues to offer mouth-watering dishes to its customers just like they did when they opend the doors in 1994.
Hope you will stop by and enjoy an old favorite or try something new.  Either way you cannot go wrong!